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GE 7E.03

GE 7E.03 Gas Turbine Engine

The GE 7E.03 engine was introduced more than 40 years ago, and continually delivers improvements in efficiency and output. It offers unparalleled reliability and availability making it a leader in its class. Like all of GE’s gas turbine engines, this engine is also based on jet engine design and technology.  Formerly known as Frame 7E, GE’s 7E.03 gas turbine has revolutionized a durable turbine engine that supports an additional 1,500+ MWh annually by offering 98.3 percent reliability.

The medium-size gas turbine engine offers consistent and fast output.  The 7E.03 delivers 91 MW of simple cycle output and 52% combined cycle efficiency.  Even more impressive, the 7E.03 can operate on more than 50 different fuels and additional power may be added at low cost providing solutions for customers in a multitude of applications.

The 7E.03 engine boasts an impressive 800,000 starts and a 10 minute start up.  With more than 50 million hours of dependable service around the world, this engine has more than 1,200 units in operation. Customers will find that this turbine engine provides a technology that offers efficiency, as well as performance while lowering emissions and reducing costs.