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Rotable Exchange Program

The Rotable Exchange Program (REP) is another way TTI reduces the financial strain of replacing expensive components. Major components have the capabilities of being overhauled at an affordable price compared to replacement with a new unit. Some of the parts include; VSV actuators/controls, pumps, starters, transition pieces, thermocouple harnesses and bleed valves. REP components are kept in stock to eliminate long down time.

Turbine Technics advantages with the REP include:

  • Reduces maintenance and/or replacement cost
  • Reduces down time
  • Reduces the customer’s inventory costs- no need for you to keep expensive replacement parts in stock
  • Gives customers peace of mind
  • Environmentally sound – reduces the amount of unnecessary scrapping of reusable components

TTI can also include REP components in our Custom Stocking Program. REP components can be reserved for the customer with supply agreements or blanket purchase orders with specific time frame outlines.