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GE LM6000

GE LM6000 – Direct Drive Gas Turbine

The LM6000 is a gas turbine modeled after the CF6-80C2 turbofan aircraft engine. GE introduced this engine in the 1990’s, and has continued to make improvements and upgrades since its release. The LM6000 family includes various models to accommodate each user’s custom demands.

As a result of the LM6000’s lightweight modular design, these engines offer advantages in transportation, installation, and maintenance. GE has made vast improvements to expedite the on-site installation time and to minimize down-time. The simple-cycle engines can be operational in approximately three months, and the combined-cycle engines take about one year for installation.

The high-performance LM6000 delivers between 45 and 58 MW of output, achieves maximum power in less than 10 minutes, and offers industry-leading reliability at 99.8%. The LM6000 can also operate beyond 56% combined-cycle efficiency. With more than 33 million operating hours and upwards of 1200 units being produced worldwide, the LM6000 continues to provide customers with reliable performance.