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GE LM2500

 GE LM2500 – Aeroderivative Gas Turbine for Industrial and Marine Applications

The LM2500 was introduced into the industrial and marine market by GE in 1968.  In the 1990’s, GE made improvements to several of its gas turbines, including a lower emissions version of the engine. The LM2500 has grown into GE’s market-leading marine turbine for the past 48 years with over 2,100 units purchased worldwide.

The GE LM2500 is an aeroderivative gas turbine that surpassed 75 million combined operating hours in 2015, making it one of the most successful industrial and marine turbines ever produced.  GE Aviation designed the LM2500 based on CF6-6 and TF-39 aircraft engine technology. The LM2500 boasts a simple-cycle engine with two shafts offering high performance and efficiency as well as low fuel and airflow. Its simple modular design provides convenient accessibility to allow for easy installation and maintenance.

This gas turbine not only offers time-tested quality, but also industry-leading performance with the ability to efficiently reach maximum power in less than 10 minutes.  The LM2500 can be configured to output based on each user’s unique demands and can be used in a multitude of operating applications.  This engine continues to provide customer value as it increasingly advances its reputation as the most reliable industrial gas turbine generator in its division.