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GE 9E.03 and 9E.04

GE 9E.03 and 9E.04 Gas Turbines

Known for their ability to adapt to various extreme climate temperatures, GE’s 9E.03 and 9E.04 have increasingly out-performed other engines in their class. These sturdy engines are capable of accommodating more than 50 different fuel types in addition to providing various industrial applications. Their compact design has the same footprint as their predecessor, the GE Frame 9E, making it easy for customers to make the transition.

These extraordinary engines provide 132-143 MW of simple cycle output with 54% combined cycle efficiency. Not unlike other GE gas turbine engines, the GE 9E.03 and 9E.04 engines provide a quick start up time. In as little as six months, the gas turbines can be installed allowing customers to become operational quickly. These engines offer low maintenance and emissions, lowering overall cost, and making them a prime choice for a wide range of industries.