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GE LMS100 – Aeroderivative Gas Turbine

GE first introduced the LMS100 into the market in 2003. The LMS100 is the world’s highest efficiency gas turbine engine available for the power industry. With the success of the LM6000 product line, GE based the LMS100 engine on the same CF6 aircraft engine. By combining frame and aeroderivative gas turbine technologies and design, GE developed one of the most flexible and economic power generation solutions available in the market.

Since the LMS100 was introduced, it has remained one of the most popular cyclic-capable turbines in operation due to its unprecedented efficiency and power generation. The LMS100 has simple-cycle efficiency and performs approximately 10% better than the GE LM6000 due to the use of external (off-motor) cooling technology. The LMS100 can output 100+ MW of power, and can do so while operating with 44% thermal efficiency.

The LMS100 engines have over 350,000 successful operating hours. These engines offer 99.6% reliability and 98% availability. With over 44,000 starts, convenient modular design, and 10 minute start times, the LMS100 has proven to be an economical, reliable, and flexible power generation option for customers.